Tom has heated with wood for 20 years. Building, repairing, installing and cleaning. To keep energy cost under control and to be able to heat and cook without electricity is important.
The masonry heater is the ultimate heat/cook source. In 2010, I built this 2-sided heater with baking oven. On the coldest of days it is fired every 12 hours. On those days, I put the same amount of wood in my cast iron stove every 2 hours. 3 hours after firing this masonry heater, the oven drops to 450 degrees and stays there for around 6 hours. The owner cooks steak, ribs, pizza, etc.  Enjoying the mass of clean, radiant heat, without all the cutting, splitting, ash removal, and emissions.
I do basement wall repair and replacement, dirtwork, landscape and grading, as well as home improvements.
Thank you for your interest.
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